Last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values” was another hilarious one, of course, as the girls got ready to make some major changes in their life.

The episode opens with Mama Braxton talking to Towanda about their dating lives (or lack thereof). Mama Braxton offers to hook Towanda up on a blind date so she can get her groove back (because her husband (or ex husband?) just ain’t cutting it right now). Towanda is a little nervous about having Mommy hook her up on a blind date especially since she’s having flash backs to last season when she hooked Mommy up with a drunk and a toddler. Mommy insists on helping her daughter find love, or at least a new fling at the moment and eventually Towanda agrees. I mean, what does she have to loose.

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She decides that she wants to look “dirty & sexy” on her first date with this new gentleman, but the only problem is that she doesn’t have anything “dirty & sexy” in her closet. She goes to her sister, Trina, to ask for help and what do you know, problem solved. “Dirty and sexy is Trina’s middle name”, Towanda tells cameras.

Check out a clip of the girls looking for Towanda’s date outfit below!


Since Mommy is behind Towanda’s blind date, you know there HAS to be a catch, and when Towanda gets all dressed up and meets her date, it’s none other that her husband, Andre! Looks like Mommy has some tricks up her sleeve! Towanda looks a little disappointed because deep down inside, she was excited about this “blind” date, but also a little relieved that it’s just her hubby!

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Meanwhile, Trina is busy picking new dancers and man candy for her upcoming video shoot. She holds an open audition and she’s surprised that Gabe shows up to support (or be nosy). To tease Gabe, she turns on the her flirtatious ways, and picks one of the potential dancers to have an on-camera kiss with right in Gabe’s face. The look on Gabe’s face is priceless when he watches Trina kiss another man. Even if it’s just for pretend, Gabe obviously isn’t feeling watching his girl make out with someone else!

Tamar is still on the baby trail, and she has to have surgery to continue with the process and go through the egg-straction procedure. “My nerves are on probation,” Tamar tells cameras after Toni keeps asking her a bunch of questions before the procedure. If Tamar wasn’t nervous about going into surgery before, she’s definitely nervous now, as Toni keeps following her around and asking her to take off her lipstick, scarf and jewelry. “I need to get my mind right before someone looks up in my volcano while I’m asleep!” Tamar says and with Toni’s constant nagging, it doesn’t look like Tamar’s mind will be at ease right now. How can you blame Toni though? She’s just a concerned big sister looking our for baby Tamar!

All ends well for Tamar’s surgery, and she’s excited that she now has “five beautiful children, in the freezer!” She also says that she wants to have five mother’s day cards since she put five eggs away but we’re not going to get into that statement on this post. LOL, We can’t wait to see her and Vince’s new bundle of joy, whenever that may be!

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