On last night’s episode of “T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” Tiny took part of the Harris Clan and Shekinah to the farm to go horse back riding, while Tip worked with Domani and Messiah on Domani’s first big rap performance.  Check out the highlights below:

Horseback Riding

Tiny really wanted to go horseback riding, so she rounded up the kiddies and Shekinah and headed off to the farm. The kids were a little nervous at first about horseback riding, and were even more skeptical when they heard that Skekinah would be accompanying them. “She’s gonna fall off!” King told his mom, “And she’s gonna say a lot of bad words,” Deyjah added. Both statements sounded about correct! Oh Shekianh.

Once the crew arrived on the farm, Major was immediately distracted by the puppies and forgot all about the horses. The lady on the farm told Major that the puppies were only four days old, and Major was overly excited to tell he was four also! So cute! Everyone saddled up, except for Major who was too busy playing with the puppies and Deyjah who was scared about the possibility of falling off the horse. While Tiny, Niq Niq and King pranced around on the horses, Major felt a little left out, and decided to hop on the horse with his mom. Even though he was scared, he rode the horse like a pro! Eventually, even Deyjah decided to give the horses a try! Tiny couldn’t be more proud of her kids for trying something new, and of course had to snap a couple of pictures of the kiddies on the horses for her Instagram!

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Like Father Like Son  

While Tiny had some of the kids on the ranch, Tip worked with Domani on his budding rap career. Domani had a show coming up and had to start preparing his set. Tip didn’t want his kids to have a free pass just because he was their dad, and he wanted them to learn the value of hard work and actually be good at their careers. “If you ain’t hot, to them you’re just another tomato target,” Tip told his son while giving him a lesson in performing. “This is not good. And it’s far from being on a professional level.” Yikes, it looked like Domani had a lot of work to do.

Domani’s First Show

When the time came for Domani’s first show, Tip’s manager, Snake, was on hand to help. Although Tip wanted to be there for the show, Snake felt that Tip made Domani nervous so he thought it was best that Tip stayed home. Domani took the stage and killed it in front of a star-studded audience including Lil Scrappy! Snake was extremely proud of Domani’s first performance, and when they got home and told Tip about the show, Tip was very proud of his son also. “You couldn’t have done it without me!” Tip told Domani and offered him one last piece of advice after her received his first check, “Don’t go blowing this all in one place like all the other rappers!” Best advice I’ve ever heard!

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