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Last night was the premiere episode of T.I and Tiny’s new reality show, “The Family Hustle”. If you’re unfamiliar with the 2011 Bonnie and Clyde better known as T.I and Tiny, they’re the “King and Queen of the South”, T.I being an award winning hip hop star and Tiny (former member of Escape) the love of his life and his “ride or die chick”.  As much as I’m a sucker for celebrity couples in love, T.I and Tiny have to be one of my favorites and after watching their reality show last night, I definitely fell in love with them even more. Sure they’ve had their share of problems i.e. T.I going to prison, getting out, going back to prison, getting out again and then going into custody again, and that’s not to mention rumors of infidelity, groupies and constant media ridicule. But they seem to have the perfect dynamic, family life and compliment each other right on down to their Southern “twang”.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch T.I and Tiny’s reality show yesterday, I’ll give you a few reasons why you should!

  1. Tiny is ride or die for her man! One thing that is obvious about their relationship is that Tiny will do anything for T.I. From renting a tour bus to go pick her husband up from jail, visiting him in prison and holding her family down while T.I was away, I think she’s earned the title of “ride or die chick” for real! Ladies, take notes!
  2. T.I is ride or die for Tiny! Not only will Tiny do anything for T.I, but he’ll do anything for her as well! It was beautiful to see him surprise her when he returned home from prison, and treat her like a queen by showering her with gifts and a home cooked meal. I also thought it was cute when he said that if he didn’t get married to Tiny that he wasn’t going to marry anybody. So much love! Fellas, take notes
  3. Their family structure! I love that T.I and Tiny were able to build such a strong family even though their children have different parents. It looks as though they are raising their children to have great values and show them what true love looks like.
  4. Their hustle. I admire T.I’s hustle and his ability to bounce back to the top of the music charts after being absent for almost three years. As soon as T.I was released from prison, he jumped right back to the studio and seemed to work even harder than before to get back on top. He knows that everything he gained back could be taken from him again and I think he’s definitely changed for the best this time.
  5. God, family hustle in that order. They definitely have their priorities straight! When T.I had to choose between attending his son’s football game and attending the BET Hip Hop Awards rehearsal, he chose to go to his son’s football game because he couldn’t stand to hear the disappointment in his voice at the thought of him not coming. That’s a real family man, and he has is priorities in order!

I think it’s safe for me to officially agree that T.I and Tiny are the 2011 Bonnie and Clyde!

What are some reasons why you love (or don’t love) T.I and Tiny’s relationship? Will you tune in next week?

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