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On last night’s episode of “T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle,Tiny was challenged by her oldest daughter, Niq Niq, to a dance off. Niq Niq seemed to think that she was better than her mom in dancing, since she was younger and well, currently in a girl group. While the girls geared up for their big dance off, Tip took the boys to the skate park to watch Domani practice.

Check out some of the highlights below:

Winner Takes All

Tiny and Niq Niq were taking this dance off very seriously, especially after Niq Niq told her mother that she didn’t have the moves anymore. Tiny challenged her daughter to $1000 and after she realized that Niq probably didn’t have enough money to bet her mother, she reduced the bet to $500. Tiny was confident that she still had the moves and could beat her daughter, but just needed a little practice. They agreed to have their dance off by playing King’s new hip-hop dancing video game, and the winner not only won $500 but also got a car wash from the loser! Although Tiny was still confident, she said that she was doing this for all of the sexy moms out there, and to prove a point. Alright now! “Why don’t you stay out a young girls’ business? Your joints just don’t stretch the way that a young person’s does,” Tip tried to convince Tiny. But when Tiny lifted her leg over her head, she proved Tip otherwise. It looked like Tiny might give Niq a run for her money!

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Domani’s Trip To The Skate Park

Domani picked up a new hobby…skateboarding. Being the supportive father that he is, Tip decided to take all of the kids with him to watch Domani practice (and by practice we mean fall) at the skate park. Domani was super nervous to skate down the steep bowl, and the fact that King kept taunting him didn’t make it any easier. Domani finally faced his fear and skated down the bowl, leaving Tip very impressed. “I want my children to be more afraid of not trying something that they could have been great at than trying something and failing,” Tip told cameras, sounding like the best dad of the year.

Tiny & Shekinah Take Dance Lessons

In order to beat Niq Niq, Tiny knew that she needed a little work. She visited the OMG Girlz choreographer with Shekinah and asked him to teach her a couple moves to warm her up for her big dance off. After picking up a few dance lessons from the choreographer, she enlisted King to help her with learning how to play the hip-hop dance game. King agreed to help her but only under one condition:  she had to give him half of the money she won since he was training her! King must get his hustle mentality from his dad!

Niq Niq Vs. Tiny

When the time came for the dance off, Tiny was ready! She had received tips from the OMG Girlz choreographer and King so she was overly confident that she would beat Niq in the game and alas, she did just that! Tiny won! “Wouldja lookie here! An upset by the elder generation!” Tip said. Alls fair in love and war!

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