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Lately I don’t know what’s been up with me! I’ve just been in this weird place where I’ve lost all inspiration and lost all motivation to get up and find it. Two years ago, I moved to the Empire State with a wild fire, excited and anxious to pursue my dreams. I didn’t have a specific, concrete dream but I knew I wanted to be a household name in “the industry.” Since then, I’ve made significant progress and quite a few key connections that I’m so thankful for, but that fire that once burned so bright has all of a sudden simmered over the last month or so.

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Since high school, I’ve been metaphorically running a marathon, non-stop with no break for water or to catch my breath. I’m the type of person who gets bored extremely quick and has to stay occupied, usually in something creative or social. Needless to say, in high school, undergrad and grad school, I was the chick that seemed to be in every club, held down a little part time job and still delivered academically.

After a fun, but very full senior year in undergrad, my graduate program started two weeks later. I had just enough time to pack all my belongings, load the U-Haul and leave my parents in the rear view mirror, 20 hours north to New York. When I finished grad school last year, I thought I’d have at least a few weeks to catch up on some overdue rest and just relax, maybe take a mini, budget-friendly vacay. Destiny’s plan, however, was slightly different…again. I got a call from my now boss with a job offer that would require me to start two days after graduation. Fully aware of the economy, I had to accept—besides, I was excited to land such a cool writing job.

My journey thus far has been a blessed one, but also a tiring one. I couldn’t understand why lately I’d been feeling so out of whack. And then it dawned on me. I’M TIRED, EXTREMELY TIRED. My body and brain are tired and it’s my fault. I don’t at all regret my extracurricular involvement, academic moves or my drive that keeps me chasing my career aspirations, but I do regret not making my well-being a priority.

I feel like this is something that us young, vivacious, determined-to-make-it women do often. We’re so consumed in our hustle and trying to hold on to a piece of our social lives that we forget to take a breather. Exercising my creative skills, networking at events, writing on my 9 to 5 and everything else I jump into is critical to my happiness and feeling whole. But so is rest. Without it, I can’t enjoy or be as efficient in all the other things I like doing.

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Now that I know better, I have to do better. And if you’re guilty of the same, you should do better too. I’m going to start listening to my body more. When it says, “Take me home. I’m tired,” I’m going to listen. Instead of having “girls night” with my friends every minute I get downtime, I’m going to opt for a “me night” every once in a while and just relax—alone.

Instead of worrying about the next step before I even tackle the current, I’m going to focus more on the present and rest in knowing that I’ll get there in due time; no need to rush. It won’t be easy and I’m sure I’ll fail before I get it right, but that’s okay. Right now, I’m trying and that’s all that matters.

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Do you ever go through those bouts where you’re not motivated to do a thing? Have you ever been so caught up in chasing your dreams that you neglect to take care of you? Share your experience with your fellow beauties!

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