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This week’s episode of “TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle” was nothing short of cute. It was time for Tiny’s right hand, Shekinah, to learn some etiquette tips if she was going to be on Tiny’s new talk show and around during her photo shoots. Shekinah wasn’t the only one this episode who needed a makeover. Major needed one as well! But Tip wasn’t concerned about Major’s etiquette just yet. The first thing on Tip’s list for Major’s makeover was his wardrobe, and if you’re apart of the Harris clan, you know that your “Swag” is extremely important!

Check out some of the highlights below:

Shekinah’s Etiquette, Or Lack Thereof

We all know that Shekinah is one that doesn’t hesitate to say what she is thinking. While on set for Tiny’s new talk show, she was placed on the spot an offered her own segment but completely let her mouth get ahead of her and bombed! Oh Shekinah! Tiny worried that her friend’s openness would hurt her image, especially with the talk show. She confided in Tip about wanting to hire an etiquette coach for Shekinah to teach her some manners and how to act in public. Tip joked that it would take weeks, months, maybe even years to teach Shekinah how to act polite but Tiny was up for the challenge. After all, if Shekinah was going to be rolling with her she needed to know to be professional!

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Major Upgrades From Swig to Swag

Tip is all about swag and since his kids are a representation of him, he has declared it his mission to pass his cool demeanor down to his offspring. When Tiny and Tip saw their youngest baby, Major, walking around the house in a mismatched outfit, Tip decided that it was time that he taught Major a little swig. Tip introduced Major to the word “ensemble” and explained to him that because he was a Harris and started school recently that he would have to start dressing better. Tip took Major to his room for his first lesson and laid out a couple articles of clothing for Major then told him to put together his own outfit. Eventually, Major put together the perfect outfit, and looked like a mini Tip with his plaid button up shirt, blue jeans, bubble vest and snap back. Looks like Major officially got his swagger back!

Shekinah’s First Lesson in Etiquette

Tiny took Shekinah to her very first etiquette class where Shekinah met her etiquette coach for the first time and told the lady that she wanted to be white. Oh Shekinah, it looks like we’ll be here for a while! After a long session and a lot of critiques, Shekinah finally started to think before she spoke and censor herself. She explained to the coach that it was hard for her to stop using the word “b****” because it was so natural for her, but eventually, she learned to watch her mouth and not utter the very first thing that came to mind. It looked like Shekinah was on her way to being fully prim and proper.. we hope!

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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