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HB’s 5 Star Treatment is a quirky, off-the-wall way to get to know a few of your fave celebs outside of the questions they are usually asked. From breakup remedies to moments of lust, #TeamBeautiful digs deep and gives your fave celebs something to think about with our 5 Star Treatment.

I’ve never met someone who fit a cliche in such a positive way until I met Adrienne Bailon. Big things come in small packages couldn’t be more true if Jesus himself had spoke it of the fiery, energetic, insightful singing, songwriting, dancing TV personality. See. Big things. Petite package. And that’s not all on the long list of talents this impressive 29-year-old mini-mogul-in-the-making has.

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Bailon is also the social media correspondent on ‘The X-Factor,” working on an album with Ne-Yo and Compound, launching her Fingertip Fetish nail line in 2013 and she may even have time left over for another season of ‘Empire Girls.’ Adrienne is such a role model for women out there who believe in their talents and have the guts to go for them without fear. I ran into Adrienne during a rare moment of unwinding with a manicure and she was more than happy to accept #TeamBeautiful’s invite to an exclusive 5-Star Treatment.

Check out what gets Adrienne’s hormones racing, how she transforms herself into the baddest b***h after a breakup and more.

*If I was stranded on a desert island I’d bring…

Um, Carmex. I’m absolutely addicted to it. An eyelash curler. And my cell phone; my iPhone.

Who would you call?

My mother, duh! I wouldn’t actually call anybody. I hate calling people. I text, I Tweet, I Instagram and I e-mail. Not a big fan of talking.

**How do you express your love…I’m a Scorpio, so it’s very intense and passionate. It’s all or nothing. I’m an extremist. Either I adore or worship the ground you walk on or not so much.

*** The best way to get over a breakup...Reinvent yourself, like straight up, reinvent your mind, body and soul. Just go on a f***ing warpath to be a brand new better you than you ever were before. There’s nothing better than a revenge than happiness. The best revenge you could ever have is being a bad b***h that’s successful and happy. I don’t know what you gotta do to wake up in the morning and be like, ‘I gotta take over the world.’ But that b***h will have that man like, ‘Why did I do what I did?’ Whatever it is, I can 100 percent assure you that if you focus 150 percent on making you the most incredible human being–the baddest, the flyest–get up two hours earlier and go to the gym. Lay your outfit out the night before. Put thought into it. Take an extra 20 minutes to put some makeup on. Do all the s**t that you look at other girls and be like, ‘Wow, she’s fly, and how she looks like she has it together.’ Why you don’t have it together up here [points to head], make sure you have it together out here.

**** The one thing that I don’t like about myself…What do I like least about myself? What I like least about myself is I tend to put other people before myself. And sometimes that’s not a good thing.

*****What was your last moment of lust…My last moment of lust. I attended the GQ magazine party with Cassie… she’s my lust. She’s absolutely stunning.

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