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Little Major is growing up right in front of our eyes! On last night’s episode of “T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” we witnessed T.I’s youngest son as he prepared for his first day of preschool. Since Major was getting ready to leave the nest, it was time for Auntie Precious to get her groove back and with a little help from her sister-in-law, they went shopping for her big date!

Check out some of the highlights below:

Auntie Precious Academy

When Tip was away, Auntie Precious came to stay with the family to help out around the house but decided to stay since everybody loved having her around. She helped out a lot with the children, especially teaching Major in order to prepare him for preschool. When the time came for Major to show his mom and dad what he learned in “Auntie Precious’ Academy” so far, they were thoroughly impressed by Major’s ability to identity numbers, colors and shapes and even spell his last name. You go boy! It looked like Major was ready for the next big step: preschool!

Shopping Trip With Tiny & Shekinah 

Now that Auntie Precious’ Academy has graduated it’s first and only student, Auntie Precious needed something else to do. Since she had a big date coming up, she and Tiny went shopping to pick out the perfect outfit. Tiny wanted to help her find something sexy so she could “turn it up” for her new man. Alright now! Of course, Tiny can’t do anything without including Shekinah, so she came along to help with the color commentary. When Precious started trying on different outfits, Shekinah told her that she looked, “real, real, real raunchy” and that she’s “going to have sex tonight if she wears that thing.” I think everybody needs a friend like Shekinah!

Precious’ Blind Date 

After Tiny and Shekinah helped Precious pick out the perfect outfit for her big date, the next step was the actual date! Of course Tiny and Shekinah had to come along, or at least attend the same restaurant so they could spy on Precious. The only problem was that Shekinah was well, Shekinah, and doesn’t know the meaning of secrecy. She kept yelling at from across the room and even walked over and interrupted the date to tell Shakir (Precious’ date) that she hadn’t been on a date in forever! Oh, Shekinah! She continued to bother them on their date, took a picture of them and then asked Shakir to stand up so she could size him. Luckily, she didn’t ruin their date because Shakir asked Precious out on a second date! Tiny gave herself a pat on the back for pulling everything off smoothly, almost.

Major’s Big Day

Precious accompanied Tip and Tiny to drop Major off on his first day of preschool. It was obvious that he wasn’t feeling it all because he held onto his parents for dear life so they wouldn’t leave him. Tip stayed around and played with some of the kids to ease Major ‘s nerves. Of course, all of the kids fell in love with Major right away. (What’s not to love!?) Tip said, “this is the just the beginning. Only 14 more years of this to go!” So cute!

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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