A couple of years ago, pre-big chop, Solange Knowles sat down for an interview with Fox News…I know what you’re thinking, it’s Fox News, who cares? But hear me out. Before the segment, Solange’s rep sternly requested that the interviewer not ask the fashionista about her big sister or brother-in-law’s establishment. Of course, Fox referenced the incident before throwing to Solange, who was off-set. Solange, who is usually very mild-tempered, replied: “I have to say that was not a very professional introduction before, please don’t tie me into family and my brother-in-laws establishment.” Well! She does have a back-bone. While women everywhere rejoiced, the media had something negative to say about her response. During a recent dialogue with Glamour Women Of The Year Awards last night, Solange spoke on the incident saying: “If I was a male rapper responding in that way, it would have been no big deal,” “But when a black woman stands up for herself suddenly she has an attitude problem,” reports NecoleBitchie.

Solange, we couldn’t agree more!

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As a woman, more importantly–a black women–I must always be mindful of my attitude, whether I have one or not. It seems as though even a stoic expression on a black and or feminine face can illicit a startling response. The stereotype that all black women are sassy and that all women should be happy, behave like ladies and not let a frown line wrinkle their pretty palate, plagues the female race. Sometimes I don’t feel like smiling. Sometimes, I just want to retreat to the walls of my own mind without being told to show teeth and for the sake of this article, sometimes you have to stick up for yourself despite how it will make others feel!
Kudos Solange!
Watch the interview, below:

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