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Whoopi Goldberg has been facing a ton of Twitter hate since Ann Romney and one of her sons appeared on “The View” last week. Goldberg asked Romney why hadn’t Mitt or any of the Romney men ever joined the military.

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Ann let Whoopi know that her husband and sons were serving their “mission,” therefore they couldn’t serve their country. That’s the reasoning I understood and it also confuses me.

Being Mormon, the Romney men were all shipped off as boys for their Mormon missions and came back men. Ann and Whoopi’s conversation went a little like this:

“Now, I believe that your religion doesn’t allow you to go fight,” Goldberg said.

“No, that’s not correct,” Romney responded. “We have many, many members of our faith that are serving in armed services.”

“OK, um, well I say that because when I read about your husband, what I had read, and maybe you can correct this, is that the reason that he didn’t serve in Vietnam was because it was against the religion,” Goldberg asked. “That’s what I read, I’m sorry.”

“No, that’s not correct,” Romney said. “He was serving his mission. My five sons have also served their mission.” Romney later added, “I sent them away as boys and they came back men.”

Twitter and many conservative blogs erupted in hatred against Goldberg. Check out some of the mean tweets below:

Reading that Whoopi Goldberg attacked Mitt Romney’s faith on the View.

And there’s MORE, but I think the story here is…why does Ann Romney compare her husband and sons serving their mission to serving in the military?

Check out the video of Ann Romney on “The View” below:

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