Michelle Obama’s been fighting against childhood obesity since her hubby, President Obama was elected into office in 2008. Even though many Americans gush over the beautiful FLOTUS, her obesity battle has received criticisms from conservatives and various other groups. The latest group to join the caravan? An entire troop of students in Kansas.

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As reported on the Huffington Post, these students have had enough of their limited calorie lunches and have spoken, well, sung out against the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Under this act, students are only allowed 850 calories for lunch. The idea of the HHFKA is to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in schools while promoting healthy eating. Even though healthy eating does mean less calories, it shouldn’t mean that kids are starving in school.

Critics, these students included, think that 850 is simply not enough calories for growing kids to make it through their entire school day. The students created this video to give a voice and a visual to their complaints. While I cringed the entire four minutes, I do appreciate these kids speaking out against what they don’t support. It’s inspiring to see them spark a mini revolution. Check it out below.

Watch These Students’ Rendition Of “We Are Young Hungry” Below (Although, you may want your 4 minutes back):

Michelle Obama defended her Let’s Move! campaign in an interview with Scholastic News earlier this year:

“Let’s Move! is not about having government tell people what to do. I don’t believe in absolute ‘no’s’ to anything, because that wouldn’t make life fun.”

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