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This time on “R&B Divas,” Faith and the girls geared up for their charity album. Only a few days after giving birth, Keke Wyatt met with super-producer–“Big Jim,” to see how she was doing vocally. Keke hasn’t had any type of vocal training and after six children, her voice has changed…but it’s clear that the girl can still SANG!

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Big Jim let the ladies know how important their album will be. Nicci  had a hard time getting into her emotions and is the only one in the group that just can’t get with the singing because writing is more of her thing. She thought that singing and writing in a big group was annoying, which is odd considering she came from the group Brownstone!

Faith was busy preparing for her performance at Gay Pride in Washington D.C invited the ladies down for some sisterly bonding. Nicci pulled Faith to the side and spoke to her about the situation with Big Jim in the studio and how annoyed she was by his comments. All Faith wanted to do is put an album together for a positive reason but Nicci brought the drama! I think it may be time to dismiss Nicci from this project, no hard feelings though.

Everyone was excited for the trip, but Keke. She was unable to attend because she’s just had a baby, and her husband wasn’t feeling and doesn’t believe in Gay Pride.

Tension in the room rose after Nicci suggested the girls should work without her. Faith, didn’t want anyone to feel left out, so she recruited a tour bus so Keke could go on the trip to Washington D.C. Nicci decided that she wanted to take a plane at the last minute because she felt “sick.”

The ladies and Keke’s husband finally arrived in D.C after hours of driving and Monifah decided to cook a surprise meal for everyone AND have her friend surprise them with a drag show! Keke’s husband was uncomfortable, but tried his best to enjoy the show with his wife and her friends.

Keke admitted to the group that she was going to go to therapy for help with her marriage, and I have to say I agree! It’s no reason why Keke’s husband felt like he needed to be with her 24/7!

When the time came for Faith’s performance, all of the girls arrived on time, except Nicci who arrived TWO HOURS LATE! When she finally showed up, she didn’t get the warm welcome she expected. “I was sick!” Nicci explained in her confessional, “take that up with Peptol Bismol!”

These girls are going to have to have a serious intervention with Nicci because she is getting out of control!

What did you think about this week’s episode? Check out the full episode below!

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