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Sanaa Lathan is famous for sporting the basics on her face. Whether she’s on the red carpet, doing a TV interview, or showing off her acting skills on the big screen, you can count her flawless face to be front and center. Here’s a few tips on how to get her look and my product recommendations.

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1. The key to an amazing natural look is having the right foundation for your skin tone. All too often we get to the makeup counter and let Kesha sell us the wrong shade. Do a little research before you buy your products. Determine whether  you have a warm or cool skin tone by asking yourself whether you look best in silver or gold. If silver looks best against your skin, you have a cool skin tone. If gold looks better, you have a warm tone. Another cool way, and a great conversation starter, is to ask that sister with flawless skin what’s she wearing.

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2. Trash those generic applicators that come with your foundation and blush. Invest in a good set of brushes. When buying brushes always test on your hand for softness. Hard and brittle brushes can cause an irritation.

3. Apply your foundation on your lips and add lip balm or a blush colored lipgloss. For a more dramatic look add eyeliner to the bottom and top of your eyes but only on the corners closest to your ears.

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