You will feel him tense as he is close to finishing.

This part is optional (unless you’re trying to get a ring):

The key to swallowing for a beginner is not tasting it. An advanced head giver might play with it in their mouth but that’s your choice. I’m not one for interrupting the moment, so I don’t recommend spitting it out (unless you’re going to sop it back up). When that tangy (sometimes bitter) secretion flows, think of it as yogurt and swallow!


“He Wants Me To Try A Sexual Position I’m Uncomfortable With”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: 12 Super Sexy TwitPics From Romeo Miller

These Are What Beautiful Black Bodies Look Like…
Serena Williams
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The grand return of the Melanin Awards amplifies and honors the finest Black-owned beauty brands with honest reviews, and discusses the evolution of beauty in Hip-Hop culture.