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Last week’s therapy session with Mimi, Joseline, Stevie J and Dr. Jeff was INTENSE and ended with Joseline jumping on Stevie J, Stevie J walking out of the room and Mimi sitting in the corner smiling. After things calmed down, Joseline tells Dr. Jeff exactly why she’s so angry.

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According to Joseline, Stevie has been lying to her as well, telling her that Mimi is only his “baby’s mother” and nothing more than that. When she found out that they were still living together, she snapped. “The truth is, for me, I need to let that go,” Joseline says. Looks like these girls are finally getting some sense knocked into them.

Meanwhile, Erica meets up with Scrappy to confront him about bringing Shay a.k.a Buckeey to his party last week. Scrappy continues to deny Shay as his woman, but assures Erica that she’s just his “friend.” Erica is smarter than that and knows that something more is going on between Shay and Scrappy. Their conversation takes a turn for the better and they consider possibly giving their relationship another try.

Scrappy decides to talk to Mama Dee about his thought process to get her take on it, and you know Mama Dee had too much to say. First, Mama Dee is upset that Scrappy even considered the idea, and then she proceeds to call Erica out of her name. When Scrappy tells Mama Dee that Erica is not a b****, Mama Dee responds with, “And yes, she is a b***. B-I-C-T-H. And in that order” and then “Do what players do, how do players play, all day everyday. Ya heard me.”

I can’t.

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Stevie J and Benzino meet up at their favorite place: the strip club. While the fellas are enjoying the strippers, Stevie and Benzino talk about their women, Karlie, Joseline and Mimi. Stevie admits that he’s in love with both Mimi and Joseline and wishes that the three of them could work together. Benzino tries to tell Stevie that that’s just not going to happen, but Stevie seems to think that there is hope if the three of them continue to go to counseling together. Benzino tells Stevie that he’s really into Karlie, and that he’s given her the key to his house and is thinking about being with her long term. To end their discussion, they toast to their women. To Karlie, Mimi AND Joseline!

Benzino, being the best friend that he is, met up with Mimi to try and smooth things over between her and Stevie. Mimi doesn’t want to hear anything that Benzino wants to say, because she knows deep down that Stevie is a jerk and that he’s never going to change. Benzino tries to tell Mimi that Joseline doesn’t mean anything, and that she should be happy because they have been together for 15 years and Stevie has only stepped out once (right.) but when he slips up and calls Mimi by Joseline’s name, she’s had enough! SMH Benzino!

K.Michelle is still dealing with her domestic violence situation and she invites Erica and K.Michelle to attend a presentation she’s doing to speak out about domestic violence in relationships. She tells her dramatic story with tears in her eyes, and Rasheeda feels uncomfortable because the man she’s referring to that abused her is her close friend. After K.Michelle’s speech, she meets up with Rasheeda to talk about the abuse situation further. Rasheeda suggests that maybe things didn’t happen the way K.Michelle is describing it and K.Michelle it set off. She starts screaming at Rasheeda for not believing in her story, and storms off before Rasheeda could say anything further. Ouch.

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