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Admit it–plane rides with the little ones are not always the easiest. Depending on how long the flight is, it’s always going to be more enjoyable if you are prepared. Here are some tips to help make that plane ride a little bit smoother.

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1. Book a late flight – If you are taking a long flight, try to book a flight at night. This way your child will sleep most of the plane ride and only be up probably towards the end of the trip.

2. Bring a new toy and books – New toys are always a great way to keep your little ones occupied.  Also bring some of their favorite books. They’ll be way too interested in what they’re doing to bother you!

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3. Have a routine –  This tip is really for the real long flights but it’s always a good idea to maintain a routine even on board an airplane. Change into pajamas, read a book, etc.

4. Pack Light – Try not to pack your whole house in your bags. I know this is difficult, but the more bags you bring, the more you have to carry.

5.  Don’t forget the toiletries – It’s always good to have some trusty baby-wipes, Tylenol and even allergy medicine.

Happy traveling!


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