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There are many resources out there to help you evaluate the best car for your family. Parents Magazine and recently came out with a list of the Top 15 cars for families. I was anxious to read this because it’s about that time for my family to start looking for a new car and as you may know it’s not the easiest decision to make.

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Both Parenting Magazine and Edmonds are wonderful trust worthy resources as they base their decisions on many factors including the most important factor–safety. After looking at their list, I made my first three choices. To see the complete list, click here Top 15 Families Cars for 2012. I still haven’t decided on what to get but these resources definitely helped me narrow it down.

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1. Honda CRV – I am in love with Hondas. I own a Honda right now and I have had it over six years. I never had one problem with it. The most we had to do is get routine oil changes, maybe a tire or two and one yearly tune up. Other than that it is and has been running smoothly. The new Honda CRV that just came out is awesome. It’s consider an SUV Crossover. I went to the Honda dealership the other day and it had everything that a parent could want, not to mention the fairly reasonable price tag of $22,495. It has plenty of cargo space which is so necessary and it had all the tech gadgets–like Pandora and hands-free dialing.

2.  Toyota Prius V – For the environmental savvy family this is a great car. It’s great on gas and surprisingly it has a lot of cargo space. Toyotas are generally great cars and I could see myself driving a Prius. The only thing that put it at the number two spot was the price tag. The Toyota Prius starts at $26, 550. I am going to want to add some extra features so that price may be a little steep for a car that is much smaller than an SUV.

3. Honda Odyssey – The Honda Odyssey fits into the larger car category as it’s technically not an SUV but a minivan. I never really saw myself driving a minivan but you know what really sold me? The automatic doors that open and close on their own! This is awesome! Do you know how many times I had to open the door with one hand and hold my daughter and groceries in another. Of course this should not be the only reason why you should buy this car but it is awesome. The Honda Odyssey also received great safety scores which is always a plus. The only down side again is the price. This minivan is most expensive in it’s class with a starting price of $28,375. It’s a hefty price to pay for automatic sliding doors but if you can afford it I say why not!

Which car would you choose?

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