Following the huge fight between Scrappy, Erica, Joseline and Stevie J, Erica and Joseline keep their promise and meet to discuss the situation. Erica wastes no time in asking Joseline why she accused her of sleeping with Stevie J and surprisingly, Joseline apologizes. “I still don’t like you just on the strength of what you did,” Erica tells her, and eventually Joseline leaves the table after seeing that her apology means nothing to Erica.

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All of this was the last straw for Mimi (finally) and she’s started packing Stevie’s stuff. “The bottom line is as long as he keeps f—in’ with Joseline, I’m not f—in’ with him. Period,” she tells Ariane while packing his things, but don’t get it twisted, Mimi loves her some Stevie J and if he was willing to work it out she definitely would. Does anyone actually believe Mimi this time? I don’t think so, not even her BFF Ariane who says, I just know you. I know your a— will fall victim to the manipulation,” and it’s sad that I’d have to agree with her on this one.

Meanwhile on the other side of Atlanta, Scrappy has had an asthma attack and Momma Dee isn’t to happy to find out that Erica went to work instead of staying with her son. “She want me to do something, I do it. When it’s up to her and I need her to do something she put work first,” Scrappy tells his mom. Things aren’t looking in Erica’s favor this episode, and especially now that Momma Dee is rooting for Scrappy’s “bff” Buckey, it looks like Buckey might be winning and when Shay goes and visits Scrappy when he’s released from the hospital, she’s under the impression that she is now his girlfriend. Only problem is that Erica thinks that she’s Scrappy’s girlfriend also.

Mimi meets up with K. Michelle to tell her about her plan to leave Stevie for good. K. Michelle tells Mimi that Stevie is “not going to react too good” to having to come and get his stuff packed up in boxes, and Mimi responds with, “I didn’t react too good about him getting the next one pregnant!” PREACH!

To make matters worse, Mimi reveals that Joseline has been sending her threatening text messages which is so confusing considering that Joseline is the side chick and has no reason to be mad. SMH

K. Michelle has her own drama to worry about though. She’s over Karlie Redd and all of her drama. Mimi suggests that the two have a sit down and talk it out, but K. Michelle isn’t sure how she’s going to reach to seeing Karlie face to face after all the drama.

Despite the drama with K. Michelle, things are looking pretty good for Karlie. She’s just gotten Stevie J to manage her despite her history of starting drama with his baby mama and his mistress. When Joseline finds out that Stevie J will be working with Karlie from now on, she isn’t the happiest camper especially when Stevie J suggests that the two of them do a song together. I’m still confused as to why Joseline even has an opinion on this situation but we won’t get into that on this recap.

Erica and Scrappy meet up to talk about their relationship and instead of spilling the tea about his new girl, Buckey, he goes in on her for abandoning him when he has his asthma attack. Erica makes a point to tell Scrappy that he was drunk the night before, and that he has asthma attacks all the time and that she has to go to work to support their daughter. Then Erica hits him with the bomb, she asks him why he comes back off and on for the past ten years if he’s so emotionless and heartless toward her like he claims. That must have pinched a nerve for Scrappy because he stormed off from the table, still not telling Erica about Buckey.

After Mimi finally drops off the Stevie J’s boxes, it looks like she’s finally going to move on until Stevie turns on his usual charm. It looks like Mimi was thinking about falling for it again, but she regained her strength and pulled off leaving Stevie and his stuff in the street. YES!

Mimi, Karlie and K. Michelle meet up as Mimi suggested but as K. MIchlle warned, things get heated and an argument starts. “You’re a 40 year old aspiring singer without a Wikipedia page,” K. Michelle tells Karlie. Things escalate, utensils get thrown and Karlie is shown being escorted out of the restaurant yelling, “I need to beat this b— a— right now.” When will these girls learn that meeting up to “discuss” problems when there are flying objects involved is never good!

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