Lord have mercy, on last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, things got real! We open with Joseline telling Stevie J that he’s the father of her unborn child, and that she hasn’t slept with anyone in the last six months but him. At first, Stevie J is questioning Joseline and asking her if the baby is his, which pisses Joseline off. She politely lets him know that she is not one to be played with, and tells his that she’s going to bring him the 50% paperwork, mimicking Mimi’s contract that she drew up for Stevie last week. Stevie grabs his crotch to show Joseline that that’s the only 50% that she’ll get. “He disgusts me”, Joseline says. Agreed!

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Meanwhile, K. Michelle is still trying her hand at this music thing, and she meets with producer B.Cox to try a new sound. (Smart woman for NOT working with Stevie J) The only problem with K. Michelle’s career is that she has the reputation of being “crazy” and for that reason, a lot of managers don’t want to work with her. B.Cox sees potential in her though, and sets her up with a showcase to show off her singing skills and prove that she has the talent to succeed.

Lil Scrappy is still considering moving out of his girlfriend Erica’s house, and confides in his mom a.k.a Mamma Dee about his relationship. Scrappy loves Erica, however, he feels like she doesn’t show him enough attention. Mama Dee is all the way on her son’s side, and will support whatever he does, “as long as he doesn’t drag in another woman like Diamond, mama down with that” she tells cameras.

Erica however, isn’t too thrilled about the idea of Scrappy moving out, so she tries to convince him to stay in the only way she knows how: lingerie, candles, rose petals, and chocolate “skraberries” (as Scrappy called them).  Scrappy is surprised when he walks in to see Erica getting her “cater to you” on and tells her, “I really feel like Prince Hakim right now. I done came back to America”. You can’t help but to love Scrappy.

Erica starts rubbing Scrappy’s feet and his back, when Scrappy tells her that he’s found a new apartment. Scrappy couldn’t have dropped this bomb on Erica at another time? Erica doesn’t let his news ruin their night though, Scrappy assures her  that they’re going to work on their relationship, and it’ll be just the two of them, and no one interfering with it.

Now it’s time for K. Michelle’s showcase and she invites all the girls to attend. Of course, Stevie J walks in the room and brings the drama with him. Mimi can tell that Stevie is drunk, because he walks in loud and disorderly.

When K. Michelle hits the stage, she kills it, and gets a standing ovation from her girls and new fans. But it wouldn’t be a girls outing without some tea being spilled. Karlie tells Mimi that she sees another girl who claims that they’ve slept with Stevie J, which seems to becoming quite the pattern, “Karlie drops another bomb at another K.Michelle event, like, is this becoming a pattern or something?” Mimi asks cameras, and yes, I’d have to say that we agree.

Stevie can feel Mimi’s evil eye from across the room, and when he goes up to her and demands that she give him a kiss, Mimi turns him down, and tells him that she’ll call him when she’s finished. Stevie is shocked that Mimi is acting like this, and claims that she’s “showing out” in front of her girls.

Erica jokingly mocks Stevie when he walks away, but Stevie’s drunken state must have given him super sonic ears, because he walks right back up to Erica and asks her to repeat what she said. “Baby, you don’t intimidate me. I’m sorry. You all bark no bite,” Erica tells Stevie. The two go back and forth only for Stevie to call Erica a “b****” and a “slut monkey” before walking away. SMH

The next day, Mimi and Stevie meet up in a parking lot where he denies sleeping with the random chick that Karlie pointed out at the showcase. He also tells Mimi that he wants to apologize to Erica for calling her out of her name the night before. This man is a joke and a half!

Erica wastes no time in letting Scrappy know about her confrontation with Stevie J. While she’s helping him pack his clothes, she tells Scrappy word for word the conversation that Stevie and her had at K. Michelle’s showcase. Scrappy isn’t having it, and tells Erica that she’s going to get her apology from Stevie. “I wanna rough him up, you feel me? I wanna put them paws on him,” Scrappy tells Erica. Now, Scrappy is pissed!

Joseline is still hurting about being pregnant by Stevie J and confides in her best friend about her situation. Her best friend tells her that she needs to sit down and talk to both Stevie J and Mimi about this situation, so Joseline takes her bestie’s advice and calls a meeting with Mimi. She tells Mimi that she is indeed pregnant by HER man. “You and I know that when I first met him back in December he didn’t come home for three months,” she tells Mimi. “I know whose baby I have in my stomach, and you know too.” Three months though? Come on Mimi, he shouldn’t have been allowed to come home at all!

Mimi gets defensive, calls Joseline a stripper who’s just trying to get on, but Joseline responds to Mimi’s attacks by showing her a text message that Stevie just sent her at that very moment. Stevie arrives at the restaurant carrying Joseline’s pregnancy test that she peed on in his pocket. “I don’t know any man in their right f—- mind who’s gonna carry around the next b— pregnancy test in their pocket. Who does that?” says Mimi.  Uhm, apparently your man!

Mimi asks Joseline when was the last time they slept together. Joseline says five days ago and Stevie J says a month ago. I guess now he’s admitting to sleeping with Joseline.

At this point, Mimi has had enough and gets up and walks out the restaurant.

Stevie looks pissed, throws a drink as Joseline and threatens to take her back to the strip club. Joseline tells him that she’ll never go back to the strip club and he responds with, “You’ll never be finished talking to me. Understand that. Watch how you speak to me Joseline. You look nice by the way”. Stevie Stevie Stevie.

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