Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester is considering granting George Zimmerman–the self proclaimed neighborhood watch captain who fatally shot unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin–his second bond hearing. Today the judge will weigh several factors of the case to decide if Zimmerman will continue to wait out his sentencing in jail or not.

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Zimmerman’s first bond hearing granted him release from the Sanford County Jail for $150,000. Judge Lester later revoked the bond because Zimmerman and his wife Shellie lied in court about the money they had in their accounts, as well as having George’s passport in his possession.

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So after Zimmerman and his wife spent all this time being deceitful in the court of law, a judge is actually spending some of his working hours mulling over giving Zimmerman another bond hearing? What in the world!? Honestly, shouldn’t the judge be spending more time on taking a look at all the evidence that stacks up against Zimmerman. There’s enough to roast him. From the 911 call with audio proof him Zimmerman pursuing Martin to his overly calm demeanor immediately following the shooting (wasn’t he fighting for his life?) to his wife Shellie playing the role of a modern-day Bonnie to his Clyde, lying to the authorities. They have every nail in their possession to shut this coffin once and for all, but they just won’t! Why?

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