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Voice samples of second degree murder suspect George Zimmerman were released today as part of the investigation in the Trayvon Martin murder case in Florida.

Zimmerman can be heard yelling “Help, help,” repeatedly in voice reenactment audio samples recorded on March 22. The voice samples were used by investigators to be compared with the male voice heard crying on a 911 call.

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Zimmerman told police he called out for help before shooting and killing Martin, however two different voice analysts hired by the Orlando Sentinel determined that Zimmerman’s voice did not match the voice heard crying on the 911 tape.

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It’s proven that when in fear, your voice reaches higher octaves, so whoever it was yelling “help” on that day in February was afraid for their lives. It’s rather difficult to compare the voice of someone in fear with someone that’s just yelling the word “help,” so I’m not too sure what the point is of comparing the two. Not to mention, Trayvon Martin is no longer here to be able to compare his voice to that of what was recorded on the 911 call. That, my friends is all the evidence you need. I’d say the young man yelling help was the one that ended up losing his life. Makes sense, right?

Listen to the 911 call and reenactment HERE. Do they sound like the same person to you? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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