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A day after neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman fatally show unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, there was a video recorded of him describing what happened the night he approached Martin and the alleged struggle that went on between the two.

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Zimmerman claims that Martin spotted Zimmerman’s gun during their scuffle and tried to go for it, telling Zimmerman, “You’re going to die tonight.” As Zimmerman retells his side of the story, you can see bandages on his nose as well as the back of his head. Zimmerman told police that the fight began after Martin walked towards him, but if you remember Zimmerman’s 911 call, you know that Zimmerman pursued Martin.

Watch the video Of George Zimmerman describing the self-proclaimed life or death struggle with Trayvon Martin below:

Of course Zimmerman would paint Trayvon as the aggressor, claiming Trayvon punched him, pushed him down and got on top of him. I can’t with this case anymore. It’s becoming ridiculous. From Zimmerman and his wife blatantly lying in court almost without consequence to Zimmerman forgetting to mention that he was the one that followed Martin initially–all of it is bull. Zimmerman is full of sh*t. Forgive me for losing my journalistic integrity here, but I’m upset that Zimmerman seems to be coasting along without paying for his actions.

I’m counting on all of this to be resolved soon. There are a few things that seem to be going right. Yesterday, Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte fired police chief Bill Lee, who had been criticized for his department’s initial investigation into the shooting. That’s a step in the right direction. Now, can we prosecute The Zimmermans?


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