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This week’s “Single Ladies” opens in our favorite place: the boutique. Ready for a fresh start, Raquel decides to change the name of the store from “V” to “Indulgence” which seems to represent her a little better. While hanging out at the store, football star Tony Crawford stops by because he’s in need of a new outfit for a meeting with Michelle Obama. Raquel is immediately smitten by Tony, and it seems like the feeling is mutual as Tony asks her out. Raquel seems to have all the luck with hot guys this season doesn’t she?

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Meanwhile on the outside of the store, April and her stripper boo, Jack are getting a little affectionate as Keisha, Omar and Raquel catch the two of them locking lips in front of the glass window. Although April is happy with her new boo, everyone else is very judgmental and isn’t too thrilled about their friend dating a stripper.  “His profession makes me a little nervous. Guys are already slutty. A guy who dances around naked for a living might be even more so,” Raquel says as a warning to April. But April won’t hear it. She calls out Raquel for dating pro-athletes who are equally as slutty and leave the boutique to avoid any more judgment from her friends.

After April leaves, the group is visited by fashion stylist, Anthony Williams, who has agreed to help out with the Indulgence re-launch party. This shall be interesting.

Taking it back to her gambling days, Keisha is in an intense poker match with Luke (T.I). Feeling confident after winning the first hand, Keisha agrees to bet on all the money she has, including her white Aston Martin that Malcolm bought her. Thinking that she’s got this game in the back, Luke hustles her out of her money and car, and drives off while she watches her Aston Martin roll on by.

Keisha shows up to work the next day driving a wind up car, and everyone is shocked. She explains to the group that she lost her car in a poker match, but plans on getting it back. Good thing she doesn’t seem too worried!

Raquel’s date with Tony doesn’t go as she would have hoped. Although the man is FINE, he’s a douche bag, who’s anti-Obama and thinks women sports are a joke. Although Raquel is a little turned off by his personality, after he visits their store the next day and she gets another glimpse of his body, she thinks that these are flaws that she can possibly look past.

Omar’s big sister, Presley (a.k.a Lala) also shows up at the store that day, and tells her brother that she has a new man, Marcus, that she wants him to meet. Omar is excited to meet his sister’s new boo, and also suggests that Presley dj the upcoming relaunch party.

Ironically enough, all of the who’s who in Atlanta are invited to the relaunch party, including Malcolm and Taylor. When they arrive at the party, Taylor tells Raquel that Malcolm has been hinting at marriage. So soon?

Tony also shows up to the party with his lawyer friend, who happens to be Sean! Good thing Sean is there to save Keisha because things were getting a little awkward with Malcolm and Taylor in the room.

Trouble starts when Luke comes to the party in Keisha’s Aston Martin that Malcolm bought her. When Malcolm asks her why he has her car and Keisha explains that she lost it in a poker match, Malcolm isn’t too happy but glad that it wasn’t more than that.

After the party, Raquel tells Keshia that she’s learned that Malcolm and Taylor have been thinking about marriage. Although Keshia isn’t too happy about the news, she knows that Malcolm clearly isn’t over her and that gives her a little piece of mind. When April sees Jack getting another girl’s number in her face, she flips out on him. Even when he explains to her that the woman only wants her to work at a bachelorette party, April is disgusted that Jack would want to be fondled by a group of random women, and her stripper insecurities finally come to surface.

Omar finally gets to meet his big sister’s new boyfriend when everyone gets together to watch the big game.  Presley’s boyfriend, Marcus, seems judgmental of Omar because of his sexuality, and the two have some intense words when Omar gets tired of being the butt of all of Marcus’ jokes. Presley is mortified that her brother and boyfriend can’t get along, and she runs after Marcus promising her brother that she would fix the situation.

This leaves Raquel and Tony alone together, and although Tony may be extremely good looking, Raquel can’t seem to shake his douche-bag ways and dismisses him from her home and from her life. All that fine-ness just gone to waste.

If you were worried about what would happen with Keisha’s Aston Martin, she won it back in another poker game against Luke. When Keisha offers to buy Luke dinner after his defeat, Luke responds with, “word in our circle is you’re off limits”. Looks like Malcolm and Luke have had some choice words…

“This Would Be Easier To Explain If You Were In Rehab”, “Single Ladies” [RECAP]