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I remember the first time and last time I was ever asked (yes asked) to fork over my half of the bill on a first date. I ran into the restroom and proceeded to text two of my people. I was literally shaking with rage. He asked me out, didn’t he??!

It was early spring and still very cold so I took one for team Telisha, paid my half of the bill. I was not about to cause a scene over a plate of food that I actually enjoyed, so I let him know later that evening when he asked me out again that I was not impressed. Sorry booboo!

On the way home this special individual proceeded to ask me about my preferences in bed. I had to call on the lord that very second for strength.

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I was called pathetic and all that, but if a man asks me out on a date and not vice versa I don’t expect to pay an admission fee.

If I go dutch it’s because I’m with friends and not a romantic prospect.

I’m capable of paying for my meals but I know that if a man is vying for my affection he has no problem with going that “extra mile” to impress me. I am not afraid to admit that I want to be cherished, loved, paid attention to and taken care of. The men I had the pleasure of growing up with took care of their women and any woman who was in their presence. I also saw the complete opposite happen as well.

There are quite a few women of the independent-who-run-the-world-girls coalition who don’t mind pitching in for the bill, because they have the money but a line has to be drawn. When in our Beyoncé shoulder pumping, set it off pistol whippin’, six figure plus wielding lives will we get a chance to enjoy the feminine aspect of us?

Queens are catered to but they are by no means viewed as weak. What ways do you want to be shown affection and love? Are you allowing your partner or partner-to-be to do these things and step up to the plate? If we constantly dabble in the role of a man, what need do we have for one?

How do you feel about men handling the bill on the first date? Is this is a must-have in your books? Let’s talk!

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