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In my journey to happy healthy relationship land I’ve had to make a few commitments to myself in order get “into the space” and really manifest my intentions. Each time I’ve made a commitment to myself to do better, a test will come along. If it was easy to set an intention and stick to it without facing challenges, we would all be crunk off Peach Ciroc 24/7, hopping from city to city in private jets, with pet monkey sidekicks and money leaking from betwixt our butt cheeks.Say what?!

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Since we all have unique life experiences and lessons, living that run-on sentence of a lifestyle I mentioned above is not realistic or even desired.

I decided very recently that I was going to put an end to any lingering relationships, as in the ex who wants to be friends. Now don’t get me wrong I have one ex-boyfriend who is a close friend who I’ve had business dealings with but that is because we are better friends and teammates then we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Besides this special relationship, the rest to be quite honest are useless.

I don’t believe it’s beneficial to keep “almost doesn’t count” folks around. Almost doesn’t count is the title of an old Brandy song that I love and relate to, check the video here if you have time. I strongly feel that people, who almost made the cut, don’t deserve to be a part of your life. Before you start with me, this is because most of the time the only reason they want to be a part of your life is because they have failed to detach from the past in some way and perhaps guilt or other negative emotions could be overwhelming them.

When I wrote the post, “Trying to get Closure on a relationship makes life harder than it has to be” I mean it. If you are in the position of attempting to remain friends with an ex-lover, I have to ask, what is it you are trying to maintain? Closure is received the moment ish crumbles, it’s when the flow of normalcy has been broken, and closure is a tricky word that puts your behind automatically in the past and quite frankly- It holds you back from BETTER.

People who are unable to make contributions to your progress in life, and play on your weaknesses instead of enhance your strengths need to be removed from it in order for you to move forward. Closure is something you are in control of, not something you need from a person.

I have forgiven myself for failure in relationships and I forgive all who have in any way wronged me, we’re deep into 2012 let’s keep it moving already.

Have you ever maintained a friendship with an ex? What is this friendship like?

Are there any relationships in your past you have regrets about? If so, why or why not?

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