I am no stranger to the wonderful world of parenting, several years of being the sole caregiver of a younger sibling definitely gave me that sneak preview into one of the most difficult jobs on the market.

I’m ready to-, no I’m not.

I’m enjoying my wine-drizzled-21-hour-work-day independence at the moment, but there is no denying that my desire for a family has been lingering lately. I was recently faced with the reality that my future family could in fact turn into an extended one. It scared the black out of me.

I came up with every excuse in the book as to why the proposed relationship would never work. I love children and I don’t believe that there is one who could ever harden my heart, but I secretly desire to create my own family- from scratch.

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I went through the motions : I’ll never meet the kids anyways, because this will never become serious”, “I don’t want to deal with anyone’s baby mother”, “I don’t want to feel like I’m taking the kids away from their dad”

This went on inside my head for a minute, without ever having experienced any of the above scenarios.

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Now that I’ve had more time to think through the mixed feelings,  it blatantly occurred to me that I may not have had the opportunities I did growing up if a family un-related to me did not take me in and love me. I grew up in foster care and not for one minute did I feel like a stranger or someone else’s kid. Families made from scratch or not are important and vital to everyone’s happiness as much as a romantic relationship is. We all do our best to keep safe and drama free, however there comes a time when our potential to be happy and in love involves taking risks….

What risks are you prepared to take in order to be in a loving and sustainable relationship?

About the author: Telisha Ng is a freelance writer and author of the Goddess Intellect blog from Toronto, Canada. Connect with her on twitter @goddess_I  or send her an email

How do you feel about dating someone with children?

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