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baby sucking on a pacifierLet me be perfectly honest.  If you have a child over the age of two and they still have a pacifier, this article is for you! It’s time to say goodbye!

My daughter is no stranger to the pacifier. She had one up until the age of one and a half but only because I allowed it. It definitely was a struggle for both us to get rid of the pacifier. She always wanted it when she went to sleep and then every time it fell out of her mouth when she was sleeping she would wake up. I remember I had to run back to her room and find it just so she would go back to sleep. This wasn’t good for her and it certainly wasn’t good for me. It was so hard getting rid of it because not only was she dependent on it, but so was I. I knew that we had to get rid of it but how was the big question.

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I tried everything from cutting a little piece off the end so it would lose it’s suction. She caught on to that quick and it never worked. I even tried convincing her that she didn’t need it and we would go and throw it out together. That didn’t work either!

The only tactic that really worked was collecting all the pacifiers in the house and trashing them. This way, I couldn’t pick one up and give it to her and she couldn’t search for one on her own. The process wasn’t easy. She definitely cried  for it a lot but guess what, after a week or two, she totally forgot about it. Almost like it never existed. I was totally surprised.

The lesson here is that sometimes as parents we are the ones that enable our children to maintain bad habits and it is our responsibility to nip them in the bud. It’s time to say goodbye to the trusty old pacifier. Your child will thank you later.

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