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“Women in their prime caregiving years, ages 30-60, clock an average of only 6 hours and 41 minutes of sleep per weeknight. Moms who work full-time report spending under 6 house in bed during the week. But a busy schedule doesn’t diminish our need for sleep, says Dr. Sridar Chalaka, M.D. When we repeatedly shortchange our sleep, our bodies pay the price.” – Broward Family Life

The article goes on to say that it’s not that moms don’t know they need sleep, it’s just that they are truly very busy with work, managing the household and everything in between. I have said this before, but it is so important that we take some time out for ourselves and remember that we need rest too.

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It’s not only important to be productive each and every day, but it is also important for our health. A lot of people don’t know that sleep deprivation can trigger many different health problems, such as weight gain, heart disease and high blood pressure. No one wants to become ill because they aren’t getting enough sleep. Therefore, take care of yourself and get that needed sleep you need. Not tomorrow, today! Well, tonight!

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