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The same “Stand Your Ground Law” that’s been said to be George Zimmerman’s–Trayvon Martin’s killer–saving grace from conviction doesn’t quite hold up for Marissa Alexander. This woman is someone who had been abused by her husband and finally fought back–with force, in Florida–the place where the “Stand Your Ground” Law seemingly protects cold blooded murderers.

It really does depend on who you are, whether or not the “Stand Your Ground” Law will protect you.

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On August 1, 2010, Alexander fought for her life against an abusive husband who, according to her, had every intention of killing her. Alexander now awaits trial on three counts of of aggravated assault with no intent to harm, and faces a minimum 20 years in prison after shooting a warning shot into the ceiling to warn her threatening husband from approaching her.

The judge in the case dismissed Alexander’s motion to receive immunity under the “Stand Your Ground,” and she is struggling to get her story heard.

Read Marissa Alexander’s story here and read about the denial for protection under the “Stand Your Ground” law here.

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