We’re so happy that Marissa Alexander made it home and while she is on house arrest, there’s nothing more important to the mother of three (who served three years time for firing a warning shot at her husband Rico Gray) than the time she’s able to spend with her children. Alexander was facing 60 years, […]

We have all gotten to know Marissa Alexander as a Black mother of two from Florida who fired a warning shot at her abusive husband and ended up behind bars facing 20 years in prison. According to local Jacksonville News 4, the 34-year-old has now been released from jail to spend the remainder of her […]


You may not remember her name, but you remember the incident. In 2012, out of Jacksonville, Florida, Marissa Alexander held a gun that she shot in the air towards her ex-husband Rico Gray (and his two sons) in retaliation of enduring a long, abusive relationship with him. Her sentence for the act has now been […]

The June revision to Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground Law won’t be able to help Marissa Alexander. It was decided last Friday that the Florida woman would not be shielded from prosecution under the updated law, which permits people to fire warning shots as a threat to use deadly force in situations where they believe […]

I am overwhelmed with happiness over the support that Marissa Alexander continues to receive. In 2010, after firing a warning shot to ward off her abusive husband, Alexander is now facing 60 years in prison. Her August 1st trial is drawing near and activists will be banning together in Jacksonville, Florida from Friday, July 25 […]

Florida has made some changes to its controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, but will it help Marissa Alexander‘s case? Governor Rick Scott signed a bill into law on Friday, expanding “Stand Your Ground” to include a provision for people that fire warning shots, ABC News reports. MUST READ: New ‘Stand Your Ground’ PSA Shows Trayvon Martin […]

Marissa Alexander, the mother of three who was convicted of aggravated assault after firing a warning shot during a scuffle with her abusive husband, has to wait until December 1 for a retrial because of questions about whether a new Florida bill could be used retroactively in her case. Alexander was previously denied for a […]

Marissa Alexander, the 33-year-old battered mother entangled in an contentious gun-related trial in Florida, could be going to jail for life. The office of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey has confirmed that it will seek to give Marissa Alexander a 60-year prison sentence at her retrial this July for firing one shot at her abusive […]

Today, the court upheld Marissa Alexander’s bond release, which means she is allowed to continue her house arrest and remain with her children and family until her new trial begins on March 31st. State Prosecutor Angela Corey filed a motion alleging that Alexander broke the conditions of her release by making unauthorized trips outside her […]

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry penned a powerful open letter to Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey, imploring her to stop her witch hunt of Marissa Alexander. MUST READ: Community Activist Arrested In Protest Of Memorial For Ku Klux Klan’s Founding Leader As previously reported by Hello Beautiful, the 33-year old Jacksonville mother of three spent almost 3 years of a 20 […]

Around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night, Marissa Alexander was granted a pretrial release with special conditions, according to the Duval County Clerk of Court. First Coast News…

Marissa Alexander is taking matters into her own hands by proposing conditions that would expedite her release from jail. MUST READ: Marissa Alexander Gets A Hearing Date, But Is Still Unfairly Imprisoned The 33-year old Jacksonville mother of three has spent the last 2 years in jail serving time for a domestic violence dispute during which she […]