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Last week I asked Scott if he had forgiven his wife for cheating. Scott said,

“I am man enough to admit that I drove her to cheat because I didn’t pay her any attention.”

I said, “WOW!”

 Scott continued, “I did not know how to be a husband. I was treating her like she was a girlfriend and she was my wife. I didn’t even treat her like a good girlfriend. I treated her like a regular girlfriend, meaning that I did not provide her with any special treatment. I knew that she was unhappy. I knew that I could treat her better, I just didn’t and I don’t why. It wasn’t until she cheated and I had almost lost my family did I wake up. Steven, I need you to help me save my marriage.”

Is divorce an option for you?


That is the first step. Are you sure that you are over her cheating on you and are you absolutely sure that you have forgiven her for her indiscretion?

“If I would have showed her that I loved her then, the way that I am trying to show her that I love her now, we would not have had a problem. It is like I cannot get through to her now. No matter what I say she doesn’t want to hear it. I told her that I am sorry about the way that I used to treat her. She does not accept my apology. I told her that I forgive her for her indiscretion. She does not care. What can I do?”

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