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There was always speculation about rapper Tupac Shakur being alive, even after the whole world knew that the “Hail Mary” rapper was gunned down in 1996. The Coachella concert goers got a chance to see the fallen rapper in a rare “live” performance alongside Snoop and Dr. Dre. Tupac may be back via hologram at Coachella, but the rumors are all false. The man is indeed deceased.

Twitter, however, does keep it’s finger on the pulse of pop culture and right before our very eyes, a Hologram Tupac Twitter account has emerged.

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Twitter accounts for various things that aren’t necessarily people is something that the funny folks on Twitter do on occasion. Have you seen Angelina Jolie’s leg or Jesus’ Twitter account?

Hologram Tupac upon first glance gave me a chuckle, then as I read some of his tweets, it started to get a bit disrespectful. Check out Hologram Tupac’s most disrespectful tweets below.

Click through the gallery to read the tweets.

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