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Broadway director, Kenny Leon will be taking on Tupac’s discography and adapting it into a musical called “Holla If You Hear Me.” You got to love Broadway. They can spin absolutely anything into a musical and I’m not mad at them. [pun intended]

The musical is not going to be a retelling of the rapper’s short life, but more of an appreciation of the prophecy of his music. Casting begins in NYC on March 10th and they’re looking for African American male and female rappers, ages 18-35 and one Caucasian actor 20-25 who can rap and play the guitar.

The idea of this sounds amazing, but I wish they’d change the name. Here’s five other show names the Broadway powers that be should consider before this Tupac musical gets off the ground.

1. Thug Life

Tupac’s famed tattoo on his midsection has pretty much become an iconic representation of him.

2. 2Pacalypse Now

Pac’s debut album title would be an amazing title for the musical. It defines who he was as an artist–extremely intelligent and political. On the album, we get a lyrical taste of serious worldly issues that he felt needed to be addressed– racism, police brutality, poverty and teenage pregnancy.

3. Keep Ya Head Up

This single was on Pac’s second album where we got a better look into who he was as a rapper. The song is strongly inspirational and allows Tupac’s lyrical skills to be appreciated by the masses as it peaked at #2 on the Hip Hop charts and #7 on the Hip Hop/R&B charts.

4. When Thugs Cry

Not only is this the title of one of Pac’s famed songs, but it’s thought provoking in its oxymoronic phrasing. People that love Broadway aren’t typically into Hip Hop, but they are into culture. Knowing that this musical would be centered on thugs with emotions may give it the attention it needs.

5. The Rose That Grew From The Concrete

Tupac’s known for his lyrical genius and that’s what the director, Kenny Leon wants theatre-goers to know about the fallen rapper. A Rose That Grew From the Concrete was a album of Pac’s poetry put together after his death which was read by celebrities like Quincy Jones, Sonia Sanchez, Jasmine Guy and Mos Def.

Would you go see this Tupac musical?

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