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Implementing structure and routine into a child’s life is essential. The very first time I implemented a routine for my daughter was when she was about six months. I was looking for guidelines on how to teach her how to sleep through the night.

I wrote about Babywise a while ago–this book provided guidelines for me to follow that entailed implementing a very specific routine to teach my daughter how to sleep. It was so successful that I maintained the routine and I also incorporated other activities such as playtime, reading time, dinner time, etc. I must say, it not only put some structure into my daughter’s daily activities, but I noticed how her behavior would change for the better when she knew what to expect.

I also read an article on Livestrong.com that talked about the importance of structure and routine for children. “Structure and routine–including set schedules–play a role in your children’s emotional, cognitive and social development, according the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Being able to predict what’s going to happen next provides a sense of security and comfort in young children. This can help cut down on behavior problems, such as tantrums. Furthermore, allowing your children a mix of planned and individual activities and reasonable choices can result in what the academy calls a “high rate of child engagement.”

This is a very dynamic statement and I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is very true. I never really had a problem with tantrums with my daughter and she never really had separation anxiety when I would take her to certain classes or summer camp.  She has always been somewhat calm and collected.  I am a true believer that implementing a routine early attributed to her positive development and I think that it is something that parents should consider for their children.

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