Teaching our kids how to share is not always an easy task. Trust me, I am still figuring it out. There is definitely more than one way to teach your child how to share, but one thing I am certain of is that everyone learns from experience and children are no different.

My daughter absorbs everything and what I try to do whenever a situation arises where she has to share; I remind her that it is important for her to share. Now the question–is does she understand what I mean? I think she does!

The more and more I reiterate that she needs to share, the more and more she understands. Of course there are those times when she just doesn’t want to listen but I see those times as challenges for me to change up how I approach her.  Like I said, we all learn from experience. As long as we continue to teach our children right from wrong, they will eventually learn and act accordingly. After all, sharing is caring!

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