Is It That Seriou? The Blog That Ruined Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer William's Friendship

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Last night, if you watched the season premiere of “Basketball Wives,” you may have been compelled to bash your head in on the nearest concrete cinder-block, wondering if Evelyn Lozada’s gripe with Jennifer Williams was as serious as she made it seem. Well apparently, her anger is that serious and after we watched Jenn get smacked up a couple of times in previews of future episodes, you have to question if Jennifer did something so treacherous to deserve the outcast treatment from her ex-best friend of 10, 12, 14 (whichever number they decide on) years. Jennifer claims she didn’t write the blog, instead she blames her assistant and claims she didn’t approve it before it was published.

We dug up said “blog” on HollywoodLife…the one that put the “axe” in their relationship and we have to warn you, it’s so NOT that bad!

Oh boy! Italy is supposed to be a wonderful romantic place, but for the Basketball Wives it is DRAMA! Let’s start with Meeka and Tami. Like I said to Meeka, we are all just getting to know her, but from what I can tell she just keeps sticking her foot in her mouth. She just keeps talking and switching stories. I can’t even follow what she is saying at this point! I think Meeka jumped in and wanted to make an impression and fast friends. We just don’t work like that … you have to let us get to know you.

As for the big drama with Evelyn … Let me start by saying that everything I said in that interview, I have said before and to her face in Season 2. I also feel like all the talks with Noe, Shaunie and Tami were unnecessary. I have known Evelyn for over a decade and if she has an issue with me she should have come straight to me. Talking to a bunch of people only instigates things and when Evelyn gets mad she just lets it build, instead of dealing with it right away in a calm manner.

The idea of me being jealous of Evelyn’s engagement is a bunch of crap and NO I don’t mess around with the same type of guys that Evelyn dates. I am just getting out of a ten year relationship and am very cautious about who I go out with. However, I do want to say that as a friend I would never do anything intentional to hurt anyone’s feelings. Evelyn and I have been through a lot and hopefully we will make it over this hurdle as well. Stay tuned…

– Jennifer Williams

But are we just blinded by Jennifer’s soft voice? Cast-mate, Tami Roman told S2S:

“Just because Jennifer is quiet doesn’t mean that she’s not doing things behind the scenes. I think as people watch the show, they will see certain things unfold that they might not have been aware of, and it may change people’s perspective of how their relationship really was,” said Tami, who seems to have learned a few things about Jen and Ev’s relationship herself.”

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