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Kim tries another get-skinny-quick trick as Kandi suffers through a boot camp workout to shed pounds before her trip to Africa. Phaedra fills Apollo in on socialite Marlo’s criminal history and decides to keep her distance from now on. Meanwhile, NeNe hatches a secret plan to bring Marlo along on the ladies’ 10-day journey to South Africa. While the other women prepare for their vacation, Kim is forced to prepare for life without Kroy when the NFL lockout comes to a sudden end.

In preparation of the girl’s vacation to Africa, Kandi is on a mission to get in shape and loose a few pounds. She hires a personal trainer who literally puts her through boot camp to try and get her to shed some of that donkey booty. Kim, on the other hand, is not interested in working out or breaking a sweat, and so in order for her to lose some of that baby weight, she tries another get-skinny-quick scheme that has her looking like mummy all wrapped up in bandages (or whatever it’s called). Meanwhile, Nene is on the hunt for a new BFF, and since her and Marlo have been spending quite a bit of time together in the past few episodes, it’s only right that she gets the starting spot on Nene’s team. Of course, to add fuel to the fire, it’s only right that Nene invite Marlo to go to Africa with the girls.

Phadera and Apollo are also preparing for Phadera’s trip to African when she fills Apollo in on their new “friend”, Marlo’s criminal past.  “I typically don’t hang out with women with a long rap sheet,” Phadera says in her confessional, with the exception of her hubby, because let’s not forget his criminal past either.

When its time for the girls to finally leave for Africa, everyone arrives at the airport in style, especially Ms. Leaks who pulls up in a limo. Kandi tells her mom that she has a bad feeling about this trip and she thinks it will be a lot of drama. Well duh! It wouldn’t be “Real Housewives of Atlanta (or Africa?)” if it weren’t any drama!

When Marlo steps out of Nene’s limo, the faces on the other girl’s faces are priceless! “Oh my God, are you kiding me?” Sheree tells the cameras.

Looks like Marlo just added a little more “spice in the gumbo” as Phadera so lovingly put it!

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