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It was the “n***ab***h” heard ’round the world. The Dutch magazine Jackie decided to run a story on Rihanna’s sassy style and thought that humorous eye-catching title was the way to go. The editor-in-chief (now former), Eva Hoeke, was going for laughs, and more than likely higher readership, when she decided to publish the seriously rude title to her style guide to dressing your daughter like Rihanna. Well, the joke’s on her because shortly after Rihanna caught wind of the insult, Hoeke stepped down as editor. Embarrassing.

Seeing as how “n***ab***h” is not in the Webster dictionary, nor is it a frequently-used insult, we’ll just have to verify whether or not our favorite good girl gone bad is actually a “n***ab***h” with the good old Urban Dictionary.

Niggabitch: a black person that is a b***h or a person who is acting gay or  stuck-up. Used as a gerneral insult.
1. F**k You!

Uhm, Rih, we know you’re a rebel (read: bitch) and all and you can’t control when you’ll run into a group of kid fans, but clearly this necklace is a bit more TV-MA than PG-13. You’ve got to think twice before posing with the kiddies!

2. Girl-On-Girl-On-Girl Action

“Acting gay?” I’d say so. Rihanna’s been known for her girl-on-girl moments and they always seem to be caught on camera. If we’re defining “n***ab***h” by the Urban Dictionary’s standards, Rihanna’s is Queen – because you know, she acts gay.

3. To Mock a Songbird

Rihanna always seems to involve herself in a heavy dose of Twitter beef. Her argument with Ciara stemmed from Ciara’s comments about Rihanna not being the “nicest” person anymore and Rihanna took to Twitter to respond in the stuck-up and rude way that only a true “n***ab***h” can master. Since the tweet beef, the two songbirds have made up, but according to TMZ, it was forced by Rihanna’s people.

Rihanna tweeted, “ My bad ci, did I 4get to tip u? #howrudeofme.”

“Trust me Rihanna u don’t want to see me on or off the stage” Ciara tweeted.

Rihanna responded, “Good luck with booking that stage u speak of.”


I know you all love Rihanna, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. All jokes aside, the obscure marriage of the word “n***a” and “b***h” make for the ultimate insult to one of the music industry’s biggest pop icons. Sure, Rihanna may dress a little risque, be a bit loose with her tongue via her lyrics and her Twitter account, and yes, she loves flirting with women, but we also know that throwing out racial slurs – that aren’t really relevant or sensible – will lead you straight to an unemployment line. Lesson learned. So, who ended up getting the last laugh, Eva Hoeke?

For some more laughs, here are a few definitions (courtesy or Urban dictionary) of “n***ab***h” that don’t quite define Rihanna.

A big black sassy woman usually works at a dmv or at dollar general.

A n***a that act like a b***h.. as in it’s his time of the month.

A fool, someone you don’t particualarly like and can’t tolerate for more than a few minutes at a time.

A Transsexual, Shemale, etc. Someone who is a man but wants to be or acts/pretends to be like a female.

A big black girl that tries to act tough, usually fat and has a forehead the size of a Hummer windshield.

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