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Keyshia Cole’s ex, Young Jeezy wants you to know he has a sensitive side that wants to be loved. The rapper recently sat down with our girl necolebitchie and dished on if he’s ever been in love, what attracts him to a woman and why he hasn’t walked down the aisle yet.

A few excerpts:

On if he’s ever been in love

I had a female or two that I thought was down, but over time things change – you start to see the real person and their real motives. So no, I wouldn’t call it love. I thought it was at the time, but I was wrong.

What went wrong?

Some people don’t want to share you. I love being the spokesperson for my people. It’s hard to share me with that. The game is all I’ve ever known since I was like eleven. And it’s been there for me when no female hasn’t…Honestly, half of my life I’ve f-cked up a lot of things because I’m too loyal.

On why he chooses to keep his private life private

I was always taught by the older cats that I came up under to never let anybody know what’s going on in your game room. Love and loyalty are big things to me. You have to protect those things. And the moment you start opening up those doors to everybody, you lose the ability to protect them.

On what attracts him to a woman

What attracts me? Hmm, well of course looks attract me, but in order to keep me you have to be well rounded. A woman has to be confident, hard working – it doesn’t even matter what you do – just go hard for it. But she’s got to have her own. I couldn’t deal with someone who doesn’t have a passion. She might even call me for a lil advice and I might go to her when I’m stressed and we can work it out together. A man and woman were put here to be a team, so they could build together. But before we can get there, you first have to have your own.


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