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Rihanna has been slammed by Ireland’s Ulster Cancer Foundation after shooting her “We Found Love” video in the country. In the clip, Rihanna and her “boyfriend” are seen smoking while in their drug-induced haze.

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The organization is worried the singer will negatively influence her fans:

“After so much hype around the filming of the video it was very disappointing to see Rihanna so blatantly smoking throughout it. Artists such as Rihanna are held in high esteem and regarded as role models by millions of young people. We are very concerned that young people watching the video will see smoking as glamorous and want to copy her behavior,” said UCF Cancer Prevention Officer, Doreen Regan.

“Three-quarters of adult smokers start the habit as teenagers, which is why it is so irresponsible of Rihanna to influence her young fan base in this way,” she added.

But is it an artist’s responsibility to raise our children?

Anyway, this isn’t the first time Rihanna’s come under fire for the video:

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