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Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas’ relationship hasn’t always been picture perfect. After 10 years on and off, four kids, rumors of cheating and abandonment, court cases and a break-up caught on “Basketball Wives LA” cameras, the couple has decided to stick it out and make it official.

Necole Bitchie sat down with the newly-engaged star to talk about Gilbert, their first date and wedding plans, if more kids are in the works, a possible season 2 of “Basketball Wives LA,” and how she plans to lose more baby weight. Read some excerpts below!

That’s one massive ring on your finger.

It’s 23 carats. Gilbert designed it. I love it.

So how far along are the wedding plans?

We don’t have a date set yet but we are definitely looking to get married sometime maybe in the summer, we’ll see. I love intimacy period, so I would really like close family and friends [at the wedding]. I don’t want people who are going to celebrate us getting a divorce. You know when you go to a wedding people are like, ‘Oh, they’re not going to make it’ or everybody is whispering ‘That ain’t gonna last.’ I really want it to be the people that love us, respect us and [they may] not even know what our relationship is about, that’s between he and I, but just to support it.

What was that moment when you said “I love this man”?

When we first initially got together he kept asking me out and I was like ‘No, I don’t date athletes. No, thank you.’ My father owns a jazz venue so I told him, ‘If you really want to go out with me, you’ll work for my dad like I do.’ I have nine brothers and sisters and we all work for my dad so I said ‘You’ll come and join the crew.’ I was like, ‘Okay, he’ll definitely leave me alone now. He’ll probably never talk to me again.’ Two weeks later, he was taking tickets at the door, serving ketchup bottles and serving out water. People were like ‘Don’t you play for the Golden State Warriors?’ He was like ‘Yeah.’ That’s how we got together. He was serious and it’s been like off and on crazy love since then.

Looking back, is there anything you wish you would have done differently?

No, because I think now where we are today it made up for everything we missed out on. Yeah, we had crazy times. Yeah, we had times when we were like ‘This isn’t going to work’ but it’s funny because most people say ‘Oh, you guys aren’t actually married’ and I’m like ‘No, you know what? We’re actually doing better than most. Ten-year couple, we’re still together, four children. Now it seems like the love that we have for each other is brand new and it’s fresh. How many people can say that? Now we’re really getting to enjoy each other. It’s almost like it’s new again. I love it, I’m in love and I’m in heaven right now. GET THE REST HERE!

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