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WE TV’s hit show “Bridezillas,” gives arrogant brides-to-be the opportunity to roar their ugly heads and nasty attitudes on national TV. The show “was rated TV-14 from WE television networks for some bad, rude language, a little bit of violence or some suggestive dialogue.” That sure sums it up in a sentence, but what’s missing in that description is the fact that women just can’t be as foul as the reality series makes them seem…or can they?

I was appalled when I watched Rae Rae on Bridezillas this weekend. Rae Rae is an African American woman and for social reasons I dare not touch on, there just aren’t enough roles on television that depict black women in positive manners, so watching her parade around town cursing and wailing like ghetto trailer trash was just disturbing. I won’t make this a race issue though, I’m more interested in the notion that the desire to be on television fuels the behavior of these women.

I don’t think Bridezillas is scripted, I think these females/sisters, daughters and fiances act a fool all their own. The want “to be the biggest b***h” drives these women–at least that is what I believe. I refuse and I repeat, REFUSE to believe that grown women act like this on one of the most important days of our lives:

See there, as Rae Rae sweats out her mediocre hairstyle and embarrasses not only her soon-to-be husband but her family friends and most importantly herself. No, I don’t think she is like this in real life. No, I don’t think planning a wedding will drive anyone to this point of shame. I do understand however that this show prays on the emotionally insane; but I will not for one minute accept that this is their normal behavior. Shakes head…Hell No!

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