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Although treating combination skin can be a little tricky, it’s entirely doable if you remember what the overall goal is, but first…

Do you understand what your pore size is telling you about your skin type?

The larger the pore, the more sebaceous glands you have which secretes oil to soften and protect your skin. And when your glands secrete too much oil, you have ‘oily’ skin.

When your pores are barely visible, you have dry skin which means it’s in desperate need of lubrication.

But when you have both skin types (oily forehead, nose and chin; dry & flaky outer areas) you are considered to have combination skin.

The goal of treating combination skin is to keep the oil and water levels in both skin types balanced. In other words, your ‘T-Zone’ should never be overly-lubricated and your dry skin should feel hydrated and not uncomfortably tight.

Start off your skin care regimen with a cleanser that hydrates…

You might like Pangea Organics Facial Cleanser ($27.95, because it’s a hydrating milky gel with herbal extracts that washes away dirt and makeup and leaves your skin feeling balanced. The ingredient arnica reduces inflammation while nutrient-rich blood orange cleanses and removes oil.  Environmental note: this cleanser is packaged in a plantable carton imbedded with organic seeds.

Click here to find out about a product that treats just your T-Zone and more.

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