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With NBA lockout still in effect, basketball stars have had time to kill this fall. Some—including Dwyane Wade, Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Kris Humphries—have made multiple cameos during New York Fashion Week.

We spotted Wade getting buddy-buddy with Vogue editrix Anna Wintour during Fashion’s Night Out last week, where he rocked a sleek all-black look of a Givenchy blazer, YSL top, pin pants and leopard shoes. The odd couple caused a stir when they sat front row together and chatted at Rag & Bone’s runway show the next day. And   Which begs the question: Is Wade working on a fashion project?

We caught up with the star and asked:

It seems like you’ve had a style transformation lately. You tried some daring outfits at Milan Men’s Fashion Week earlier this year. What’s the motivation for the new look?

I think I’ve grown a lot from where I was at the beginning of my career and now I’m just trying things. One thing I love about fashion is that you get to see many different people’s expressions. If you look at the way somebody dresses, that speaks to their personality. When I get the opportunity to talk to somebody, I can already see hints of their personality in their clothes.

So what personality traits were you trying to give the crowds tonight with this outfit?

Cool, sexy, but still, you know, look at my [leopard print] shoes: wild and crazy! I wanted to be real cool, I wanted to be relaxed but also make a statement and be as sexy as I could be, I tried!

Does your lady [Gabrielle Union] like your new style?

Yeah, my lady, she does.

Does she help you pick out new pieces?


Do you ever help her pick out clothes?


What style tips do you give her?

Wear something that makes me go “Mmm!”

I saw you inside chumming with Anna Wintour, is there a Vogue cover for you in the works or will you be the next baller with a clothing line like Amare?

We’ll see! Anna is a good friend and someone I admire and look up to and I’m building a great relationship with her, so we’ll see.

Do you want to do a clothing line?

DW: The right line. I don’t know. It doesn’t always have to be about me. It could be about kids, it could be for the ladies. It just has to be the right line that speaks to who I am but it doesn’t necessarily have to be for me. I wouldn’t use my name, it would just look good on a basketball jersey. I’d have to go with something that sounded French maybe.

Only time will tell what a Wade-fronted fashion line could look like. But with his fellow NBA player Amar’e Stoudemire making the rounds with designer Rachel Roy promoting their highly-successful collaborative line, we’ll keep our eyes out!

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