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Last night was another episode of “The T.O Show”. On this episode, T.O and Kita returned to Miami and Mo returned to the show. Since Mo hasn’t been around lately, it was a little awkward when they all saw each other for the first time.

Mo and Kita got into an argument right off the bat after Kita got annoyed that Mo came back in the picture like she was running things again. After they smoothed things over, T.O met with a close friend to discuss his financial issues and his insecurities about playing football in the upcoming season.  He was reassured that he had some great people in his corner, especially Mo and Kita who have always had his back (wink wink to Kita..lol)

We then saw Kita FINALLY go out on a date with a good looking man! She opened up about her past relationship and bad break up and even about her “extreme battery usage”.

(I secretly still think that Kita and T.O are in love with each other, they just don’t know it yet…LOL)

In case you missed anything, check out the episode here! Keep up with me on Twitter…@xoxoSHAR

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