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Last night was the second episode of “Basketball Wives LA”. We got to see the end of Laura and Malaysia’s fight (which ended with Laura getting punched in the mouth and Malaysia’s hair being pulled) and we also got to see Draya getting introduced to the rest of the cast. Right off the bat, Draya was immediately judged by the other ladies with her “shiny Louie V” purse and her groupie reputation. It seemed like this episode was the episode to hate on Draya, as everybody had their negative opinion of her and even went as far as calling her worthless during the “passion party”. Draya even tweeted, “This must be the “everybody hates Draya” episode …. Hope it gets better :)”

I’ll admit, its hard not to judge Draya especially if you are a real basketball wife. After all, she’s been linked to a lot of athletes, singers, rappers, and other people in the industry. But one thing I will say to Draya’s advantage is that she definitely held her own when the girls were going in on her especially when she said my favorite line, “Yes, I show my boobs for money.. whoop dee doo”

As the show went on, Draya invited all the girls to her party and once they all arrived, she began getting in Malaysia’s face, calling her a beauty queen and asking to uncross her legs? I’m not exactly sure the motive behind that statement, but I’m sure this is just another reason for the girls to hate on Draya!

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