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I can’t help it. A few years ago I gave up $200+ of my hard earned money to buy CHI’s Turbo Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron. I clearly paid too much at the neighborhood beauty supply because in-store it sold for $119. Be that as it may, it was a purchase that was well worth it.

To understand my obsession with this iron, you just have to read my step-by-step guide in Sheer Beauty: What I use to Maintain My Un-Corporate Mane and see how I integrate my CHI into my weekly hair styling regimen (my style has since changed, but nevertheless still spikey). If you have short hair like mine and want to venture onto the wild side (if only for a moment), maybe you should take on the challenge of trying this style on for size and who knows, you might even attract the attention of a few or more who’ll ask the question, “so who does your hair?”

To the right is CHI’s ode to the upcoming Christmas holiday with  their Limited-Edition Chi Holiday Iron Collection($160) – both versions have Rhinestone dials and accompanying chic travel pouches which is perfect for the fashionista in you. I just received the silver version from the company and truth be told I’m afraid to use it because it’s just that pretty. With a temperature that heats to 400 degrees, and one-inch ceramic plates that produce moist heat to seal the hair cuticle creates silky, shiny hair. It works on all types of hair (fine, wavy, super curly and human hair weaves). And if your hair is kinky it does an extraordinary job of straightening your strands. Other pluses of this iron is that it easily bends and flips to create cascading curls because it’s super easy to handle.

I’m happy to say that my slightly obsessive, discerning nature has kept many products off of my list of products to appear in’s must-haves for the holiday’s entry (coming in a few months), but this one made the cut hands down.

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