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Usually when we discuss interracial relationships we are talking about love between black and white people. With her new concept memoir Kissing Outside the Lines actress Diane Farr gives us a broader window into these relationships. Diane Farr, who is known for award-winning TV series like “Numb3rs,” “Rescue Me” and “Californication,” is Italian American and she married a Korean American man. His family was hoping that he would marry a Korean woman; and both sets of their parents were against them marrying anyone of African descent.

Diane Farr confesses in the book that due to “white girl privilege” she didn’t imagine that she would ever be rejected by anyone’s family because of race. The book is unique as Farr includes thoughtful interviews with interracial couples of all backgrounds and age groups. Recently, I sat down with Diane Farr in Manhattan to discuss Kissing Outside the Lines: A True Story of Love and Race and Happily Ever After, now available wherever you buy books.

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