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Evelyn's Crazy EyesAs you know here at HelloBeautiful we always have the weekly scoop on the foolery that is VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” and as every week we try and deliver a recap in a fun and creative way. This week’s episode of “BW” was full of epic fails– moments where they thought they were “winning” but completely missed their mark. Check them out below:

4. Jennifer has an unwanted neighbor. Surprise, surprise! Look what we have here, Jen learns that she lives in the building right across from  Eric “Knot-head” Williams. This is an epic fail as she just knew (insert dramatic pause) that she had all of this freedom and was going to be doing her thing without having to look over her shoulder and worry about knotty! She clearly has another thing coming, and someone clearly is going to have to move.

3. Single Suzie thinks she has something of relevance to say. Single Suzie tries to offer relationship advice to Royce. Yes, Suzie. You know, the one with the annoying lisp that for the life of you you can’t seem to get over, the one on the show that haveth not a maneth. Royce tries to introduce her new boyfriend to “Greasy” Meeka and Suzie, but Suzie wasn’t having it. She went through this whole spiel about how he’s a smooth talker and he’s not good for her and Royce sends it through one ear and out the other. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t take relationship advice from someone that I haven’t seen with a man in forever either, thus landing her on the top 4 epic fails list because her advice went in one ear and right out the other.

2. The ladies fly to Rome, but leave one at home. Thinking they’d leave the drama at home, the ladies agree to go on a trip to Rome and not invite Royce, but opt to invite Meeka instead. While I struggle to understand the point of leaving one trouble maker to take another, I realize this entire idea is an epic fail to say the least. Keep in mind Tami and Meeka are still not cool, not only that but Tami is dead set on reminding you of that so if you thought the drama would be put to rest, chile…you thought wrong!

1. Jen and Evelyn have a falling out. I’ve always felt some type of way about the friendship between Jen and Evelyn, something about it just didn’t seem real to me. It reminds me of the “Mean Girls” in high school that follow under the head girl but talk about her behind her back. This week Evelyn found out Jen went to Connecticut and blasted her relationship with Chad (Ochocinco) on the radio and during their trip to Rome she is supposed to call Jen out. This is an epic fail for attempting to trust either one of the women in their “circle.” Anytime you’re a woman in your mid-late thirties and you consider your group of friends a “circle” and anybody outside of that “circle” is uncool, you’re not to be trusted, that’s high school ish grown women don’t do this.

Check out the full episode below and post your thoughts!

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