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Oprah has admitted that she regrets launching her OWN television network before ending her talk show, claiming she hasn’t dedicated enough time to the channel because she’s focused on rounding up her talk show of 25 years the right way.

She recently told Entertainment Weekly,

“I’ve thought maybe it would have been better to wait until [Oprah] completely ended and then literally use it as a launch pad. If I had it to do differently and had thought of that option, I might have considered that a priority. But I don’t spend a lot of time in the regret mode.”

“I feel like I have not begun to give anything to OWN. I was on the phone yesterday with the head of OWN probably for 20 minutes, and then I was on another phone call for an hour, so I probably gave OWN and hour and 20 minutes yesterday. Not enough. Not enough. And I hadn’t talked to anybody for two or three days there.

“Doing this right and ending [Oprah] is a full-time job. And the magazine is a full-time job, but that’s its own machine now. I don’t have to a lot with that anymore. But I still have to check in, approve things. I wouldn’t even say 10 percent of my time is on OWN right now. But it will be. [After the end of Oprah] I can start to give my attention to OWN that it deserves. It’s going to improve exponentially with the amount of time and service I can give to it.”

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